Have Miracles Ever Occurred? Can They Occur?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof - some might say. The extraordinary claim that no Creator exists would suggest that someone somewhere has investigated all living being seen and unseen in every corner of the universe and has deemed that they are most definitely "not God". This extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof… Read More...

Has God Communicated With Mankind?

Does God speak to His creation today? Has He ever spoken to us? Is He a Santa Claus or is He a real rational being, capable of communication? What do you think? Read on for more food for thought… Read More...

Similarities Between Islam and Mormonism

It is a remarkable fact that Mormonism, which began as a sort of “imitation” of Biblical Christianity and Islam which began as a sort of “imitation” of Judaism both have such striking similarities between their prophets, their writings, and even their history of dealing with those around them whom they deemed “infidels” or “unbelievers”. I’ve catalogued a few of the similarities and included them in this truth or consequences blog post. For more information on Mormonism visit our LDS or Mormonism page. To learn more about Islam, visit our Learn About Islam page. Read More...

Father Son and Zen Buddhism

Some time ago, a visitor to wrote a kind email and had a very practical question about allowing his son to “explore” various world religions. I hesitate to reply dogmatically to such a question so answered the best I could in the vein of “here is how I will handle that question Read More...

Are All Gods Simple Expressions of The One True God?

Islam believes in a single spirt-god named Allah, whose will can override all logic and reason. Hindus believe in 330 million gods that includes cows, men, 8 armed women, etc, Buddhists believe that the Buddha, a former Hindu man who refused worship, is god, while Christians believe in One God in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Are they all representative views of the One True God? Read More...

Top 10 Most Bizarre Religious Practices

This is a fantastic list of 10 of the most fantastically bizarre religious practices: Baptism for the Dead, E-Metering someone For Invisible Dead Aliens, Refusal of Blood Transfusions...the list goes on!
I found this at, a great website of top 10’s! Most of the information on this list is taken from

Haitian Government Makes Pact With Satan

This is an interesting article that was published a number of years ago regarding the Spiritual past of Haiti. Pat Robertson took a lot of secular flack for his Spiritual perspective on this issue. Voodoo has apparently been named as the “Official Religion” of Haiti, but voodoo and/or the satan of voodoo to whom they swore allegiance did not serve them well. Sadly, as of this writing, Haiti has experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that completely destroyed the capitol and has left over 125,000 dead... Read More...