What Are The True Beliefs of Biblical Christianity?

Jehovah’s Witnesses: History, Beliefs, and Information

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Started as a simple Bible class in 1870 by Charles Taze Russell. Russell had extreme difficulties with the doctrines of heaven and hell which lead him on a search for a belief system that was most comfortable for him. He heard a “Second Adventist” preacher named Jonas Wendell. The following citation is from an official Jehovah’s Witness publication, published on truthnet.org

Seemingly  by accident, one evening I dropped into a dusty dingy hall in Allegheny, Pa., where I heard religious services were held, to see if the handful who met there had anything more sensible to offer than the creeds of the great churches.  There, for the first time, I heard something of the view of the Second Adventists, the preacher being Mr. Jonas Wendell. - Zion’s Watch Tower, July 15, 1906 Page 3821 Society’s reprints

The Second Adventists were a splinter group from the Millerites that were dispersed after their many predictions of the return of Jesus and the subsequent apocalypse failed and left them disillusioned. The Second Adventists would join with a few other splintered Millerite groups and eventually form what is today known as the Seventh Day Adventists.

It is from his own deep seated fears and this Adventist theology that Russell would emerge with beliefs that discarded many historic, orthodox, and scriptural Christian essentials like the Trinity, The Person and Deity of Jesus, The Person of the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell, and Salvation, deeming them “unbiblical” and “heretical”. It is important to note that the founder of Seventh Day Adventistism, Ellen G. White, was discredited as a false prophet who plagiarised much of her “revelations” from God from other false prophets of her day. Seventh Day Adventists were notorious for wrongly predicting the return of Christ repeatedly. Sadly this practice was carried on by the Jehovah’s Witnesses into the late 20th century.
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In 1876, Russell sought to publish his aberrant beliefs and partnered with a friend to help continue the publishing of the “Herald of the Morning” formerly owned and operated the Stone-Campbell Restorationist offshoot known then as the “Adventists”; later to become “Seventh Day Adventist”. This group and particularly this publication had falsely predicted the return of Jesus in 1874. Jesus did not return in 1874 but rather than admit the mistake, Herald of The Morning publishers would claim that Jesus returned invisibly in 1874. He did not.

This obvious failed prophecy caused most to fall away from the “Herald” group. However, some then believed that the rapture would occur 3-1/2 years later in 1878. It did not. The “Herald” failed and Russell took it over for a song and renamed it “
Zion’s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence”, publishing the first edition in 1879.

This little publication started by a 25 year old Bible Study “Pastor” would eventually grow into the “
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” and would publish nearly 18 million issues in over 200 countries by the year 2010 and the link between Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and the heretical Restoration Movement would forever be linked in the printing of this magazine.
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All members of the Jehovah’s Witness gather all doctrine, spiritual guidance, and advice for living from these publications of the Watchtower. They rely on the printed literature of this massive machine as much as Christians rely on the Bible.

Today, in similar fashion to the Seventh Day Adventists and Stone-Campbellite claim of Jesus secret return in the 19th century, modern Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that Jesus has secretly returned and is in an “inner room” known only to a privileged few.

This claim, like the secret, hidden “Golden Plates” which supposedly authenticate the claims of
Mormonism, or the Apostolic Prophecies of the New Apostolic Reformation, are typical of cults who declare “special” revelation which can never be proven, examined, or even witnessed by anyone…not even the regular everyday Jehovah’s Witness (or Mormon for that matter).
Lets make a quick comparison between authentic, historical Christianity, and the doctrines of Russell and Rutherford as propagated by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in Brooklyn, NY.


Nature of God

Jesus Deity

Holy Spirit




The Church


Jehovah’s Witnesses

A god who must be referred to as “Jehovah” only

Created being: formerly Michael the Archangel

An impersonal force

Belonging to and working
an acceptable number of hours for, a Jehovah’s Witness “Kingdom Hall” (JW name for ‘church’)

Only for the 144000 in Revelation, who are already fulfilling. Only for those there. All Jehovah’s Witnesses since the 144000
all died off are bound to this Earth as their sort of “heaven”

Hell Doesn’t exist: Soul sleep when we die

Biblical Christianity

Trinity: One God in Three Persons Father Son and Holy Spirit

Uncreated, eternal, God, 2
nd Person of Trinity

Person who is Deity, 3
rd Person of Trinity

Grace Alone through Faith alone in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross and subsequent resurrection for the forgiveness of sins.

A location of paradise whereby believers can dwell after death, close to God and all things good, enjoyable, and pure.

A location completely removed From God whereby nothing good exists: No comforts, no joy, no love. It is utterly separate from God and therefore utterly devoid of anything remotely pleasing or good.