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  • We all arrive at conclusions that tend toward our bias whether it is teaching, books, or evening newscasters, all human beings will gravitate toward information that favors our bias. One such bias suggests that the universe is eternal, and asserts that Earth arrived at an exact state of life-sustaining temperature and composition by way of pure chance, and that mankind began as a type of cell which became a type of molecular goo, and then a fish, and then an amphibian, and then an ape, and then a human.

  • This idea would otherwise be disregarded as ridiculous, unfounded babble, if it weren't for the supposition that perhaps these millions of miraculous mutations and transitions took place over millions and millions and millions of years. With the addition of millions of years, somehow even the most ridiculous notion seems plausible, sometimes even probable! Proponents of the "eternal universe" bias have no capacity to fathom what millions of years would actually look like and therefore concede, erroneously, that practically anything is possible given enough time.

  • The idea that millions and millions of spectacular creatures existing in an environment perfectly suited to sustain life for EXACTLY those creatures, came about by freak mutations over millions and millions of years starting from a single cell is a faith-based belief system: no evidence, no eyewitness reports (past, present, or future), and no logical consistency with nature. Darwin the theology major, without any training, teaching, or experimentation in naturalist studies, actually wrote down/codified much of what his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, suggested in his writings called Zonomia and also, according to Darwin, Lamarckian evolution by Dr. Douglas Grant, as he heard him teach in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Through his grandfathers writings and Dr. Grant's teachings, Darwin came to the conclusion that man started as a cell. Darwin also wisely stated that 'his' theory (not a fact) required transitional forms of species, and if none were found in the next 100 years after his writing, 'his' theory should be discarded. Nearly 200 years have passed and no transitional forms have been found nor exist today. As Phillip E. Johnson writes in his book, Darwin on Trial, "We simply have dogs, or cats, but there are no cogs, dats.

  • Now keep in mind, the theory of evolution speaks of species evolving into a completely different species: a fish evolving into an amphibian, evolving into a 4 legged goat-like creature, this goat like creature becoming an ape and an ape becoming a human. If this transitioning process has been continuing for millions of years, it would make sense that we would see these "middle" development forms walking around today (or over the last 4-5000 years), but we do not.

  • Some desperate atheist scientists have have depended heavily on sparse, unidentifiable, bone fragments and artist renderings to create some kind of random, sporadic transitional form in an effort to prop up a bankrupt theory whose plagiaristic founder said should be debunked upon no discovery of transitional forms! No transitional forms exist today because none existed in the past. This is more about clinging to pseudo-science to further justify a position that isn't so much about discovering the beginning of man as it is about desperately trying to quiet the innate sense within every human being that there must be someone who put this all together, a God!

  • If evolution has ALWAYS been in process, it would STILL be in process today. But what we find is, one species giving birth to its own species and "after its own kind" just as it was always designed to do. Therefore, as Darwin himself recommended we must throw this theory out and begin to look at some other possibilities for the 'origin of the species'.

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